Plastic Spoon Lamp


Looking for a new lamp for your room? Why not recycle leftover plastic spoons into eco-friendly lamps? Actually you can use even leftover plastic forks, knives, etc. for making such eco-friendly lamps. Let’s stick with spoons for now and leave the rest of cutlery to your creativity.

Here is a recycling DIY project, which not only recycles plastic spoons, but also can be applied to revamp your older lamps. The best part is that such lamps can be made at home without shelling a lot of money. All you need is a big plastic bottle, knife, plier, glue gun or strong adhesive, plastic spoons and lamp with a cable.

This marvelous lamp has been designed by Yaroslav Olenev. Pictorial step by step tutorial can be found at FutureNow. Try it out! However use only low-watt CFL bulb. You wouldn’t want your cool new lamp to melt, now would you?

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3 responses to “Plastic Spoon Lamp”

  1. craftymadre says :

    That looks so cool!

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