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Yarn Scraps Collage

Yarn Scraps Collage

Yarn Scraps Collage

Its winter time and many of you ladies would be busy knitting. So what do you do with left over yarns? Throw them away or keep it for the next project? Well, here we have got for you a DIY project wherein you can use these yarn scraps to make beautiful wall art. Best part is that you are the master of your design. So use yarn scraps in as many colors to make a designer collage for your wall.

All you need is yarn scraps in as many colors as you like to design, scissors, glue and a shadow box. Step by step tutorial can be found at Easy Makes Me Happy by Tara.


Resin Paperweights

Resin Paperweights

Resin Paperweights

Paperweights as the name suggests have been used over the years for one purpose i.e. to act as paperweights. But there are people who are here to break the myth and use them also for home decoration. Because they believe that even small things play an important role in home decoration.

Here’s a DIY project, wherein you can make beautiful paperweights using stuff like buttons, crayons and foreign coins; which can also act as amazing gifts on various occasions. Actually, you can let your imagination run wild and use unusual stuff to make these unique paperweights. If you happen to make one, do share with us.

All you need is a bottle of clear casting resin, catalyst for hardening, mold as per your choice and buttons or old/foreign coins or stuff you would like paperweights to be made of. Step by step tutorial can be found at Lil Blue Boo by Ashley.

Some word of caution: please carry out this activity in open or well- ventilated area and do remember to use gloves. Also, you may be required to coat the mold with vaseline or some resin remover before pouring the resin. 

Tree Branch Chandelier

Tree Branch Chandelier

Tree Branch Chandelier

How much would a beautiful chandelier like above would cost if you buy from a store? It will probably cost few hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on factors known best to stores. But actually, this can be made in less than 100 dollars. Here’s a DIY project, wherein you can learn to make amazing chandeliers using fallen tree branches. Best part is that anyone can carry out this activity. Also, you have the liberty to choose your design based on the type of branches you select.

All you need is few tree branches, jute rope (thickness & length should be sufficient enough to hold weight of these tree branches), bulbs, sockets and lighting cord. In fact, if you feel handling bulbs and sockets is too dangerous, you may use widely available Series LED Bulbs used for decoration. Step by step tutorial can be found at Crafty Butt by Melody.

Mirror Bowls

Mirror Bowls

Mirror Bowls

If you look around you, you will realize that mirrors have actually become part of everyday life. You can find them in your bed rooms, living rooms, wash rooms, offices, hotels, etc. You not only use them to look at yourself, but also for decoration because it helps in making the place look bigger & brighter.

Here is a DIY project wherein you will learn how to make use of mirrors for home decoration, but also you can use your old wooden bowls or plates to give a rustic look. All you need is wooden bowls or plates, round craft mirrors, adhesive, painters tape, small nails and a hammer. Step by step tutorial can be found at Apartment Therapy.

Recycled Glass Bottles

Lot of people have access to glass bottles in their homes – whether storage bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles, milk bottles – and have recycled them in various ways over time. Here are 11 unique ways in which people have creatively recycled glass bottles to create amazing home décor.


Chandelier (Flickr)

Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden (Welke)

Yarn Wrapped Vases

Yarn Wrapped Vases (Jesi Haack Design Blog)


Lanterns (Isabella)


Shelves (Zero Waste)

Wall Vases

Wall Vases (Pinterest)

Photo Display

Photo Display (Pillow Thought)

Bottle Lights

Bottle Lights (Taste of Home)

Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights (Green Your Decor)

Newspaper Wall Decor

Wall Decor

It seems “recycling” is the buzz word now days. You talk to people around you and you will discover that everyone is recycling something or the other. It ranges from recycling old clothes to wine bottles to cardboards. The good part is that everyone is also using their creative bit to not only recycle but also use these recycled products for home décor. So here’s the question – what’s the best you have done with your old newspapers lying in your house or office?     

Here’s a DIY project which helps you make beautiful wall décor using old newspapers. Best part is that you can customize it in terms of thickness and color to create wonderful wall décor. This project may require some time and precision, but the end result will be worth the effort. All you need is some sheets of newspaper, wire rod, white glue, sewing needle, thread or white wires, cutters, stylus, paints and large paint brush. Step by step tutorial can be found at a Brasilian craft portal – Portal de Artesanato. The tutorial is in Portugese, so use Google translate to see how it’s done.

Book Clock


Over the years, wall clocks have been considered a machine whose primary job is to show time. Lately it has also become an integral part of home décor. This has resulted in outburst of various kinds of fancy wall clocks across stores that ranges from few dollars to thousands. But hey! How about you make your own customized wall clock without shelling much?

Here’s a DIY project which helps you make innovative wall clocks that fits everyone’s budget. Best part is that you can customize as per your taste or need. All you need is some hardcovers which has beautiful cover page that suits your taste, clock mechanism, knife, hammer and a large nail. Step by step tutorial can be found at Woon Blog by Britt & Tom. The tutorial is in Dutch, so use Google translate to see how it’s done.

Tetrabox Lamp

tetrabox lamp

Daily we see all around us Tetra Pak boxes being used for varied products like dairy, packaged drinks, etc. These boxes have not only provided better packaging, but also ease of stacking and shipping. But what do people do once these boxes are empty? It’s a no-brainer! People simply throw them away in garbage and contribute to the ever increasing landfills. The question is “Can they be used in some other way? Can they be recycled?”

Ed Chew, a Malaysian Designer, has found an innovative way to recycle these Tetra Pak boxes and convert them into beautiful lamps. You may find this project a bit difficult, but with patience and little creativity you will find end-result to be worth doing the project. Best part of the project is that you can decide your own shape and size with minimal requirements. All you need is lots of Tetra Pak boxes (depending on the size and shape), scissor and a light cord. You need to cut these boxes into strips, convert some of these strips into hexagonal and pentagonal shapes, and then join them together using the remaining cut strips. You don’t need glue or any extra material to join them. For more details please visit Ed Chew’s official site.