Tetrabox Lamp

tetrabox lamp

Daily we see all around us Tetra Pak boxes being used for varied products like dairy, packaged drinks, etc. These boxes have not only provided better packaging, but also ease of stacking and shipping. But what do people do once these boxes are empty? It’s a no-brainer! People simply throw them away in garbage and contribute to the ever increasing landfills. The question is “Can they be used in some other way? Can they be recycled?”

Ed Chew, a Malaysian Designer, has found an innovative way to recycle these Tetra Pak boxes and convert them into beautiful lamps. You may find this project a bit difficult, but with patience and little creativity you will find end-result to be worth doing the project. Best part of the project is that you can decide your own shape and size with minimal requirements. All you need is lots of Tetra Pak boxes (depending on the size and shape), scissor and a light cord. You need to cut these boxes into strips, convert some of these strips into hexagonal and pentagonal shapes, and then join them together using the remaining cut strips. You don’t need glue or any extra material to join them. For more details please visit Ed Chew’s official site.


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