Tree Branch Chandelier

Tree Branch Chandelier

Tree Branch Chandelier

How much would a beautiful chandelier like above would cost if you buy from a store? It will probably cost few hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on factors known best to stores. But actually, this can be made in less than 100 dollars. Here’s a DIY project, wherein you can learn to make amazing chandeliers using fallen tree branches. Best part is that anyone can carry out this activity. Also, you have the liberty to choose your design based on the type of branches you select.

All you need is few tree branches, jute rope (thickness & length should be sufficient enough to hold weight of these tree branches), bulbs, sockets and lighting cord. In fact, if you feel handling bulbs and sockets is too dangerous, you may use widely available Series LED Bulbs used for decoration. Step by step tutorial can be found at Crafty Butt by Melody.


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6 responses to “Tree Branch Chandelier”

  1. sedrate organizes says :

    Use very low wattage bulbs or LED or the heat may light the branches on fire.

  2. says :

    I like this article, I have reblogged this one, thanks for posting

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