Resin Paperweights

Resin Paperweights

Resin Paperweights

Paperweights as the name suggests have been used over the years for one purpose i.e. to act as paperweights. But there are people who are here to break the myth and use them also for home decoration. Because they believe that even small things play an important role in home decoration.

Here’s a DIY project, wherein you can make beautiful paperweights using stuff like buttons, crayons and foreign coins; which can also act as amazing gifts on various occasions. Actually, you can let your imagination run wild and use unusual stuff to make these unique paperweights. If you happen to make one, do share with us.

All you need is a bottle of clear casting resin, catalyst for hardening, mold as per your choice and buttons or old/foreign coins or stuff you would like paperweights to be made of. Step by step tutorial can be found at Lil Blue Boo by Ashley.

Some word of caution: please carry out this activity in open or well- ventilated area and do remember to use gloves. Also, you may be required to coat the mold with vaseline or some resin remover before pouring the resin. 


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