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Merry Christmas !!!

Merry ChristmasWish you all Merry Christmas !!! Have fun 🙂



Recycled Light Bulbs

“Go Green” is the buzzword now days and everyone is wisely replacing their light bulbs with CFL lamps. But what do you do with these replaced bulbs? How can you make them shine again and still be part of the “Green Ecosystem”? Here are some of the ways people around globe has been recycling these used light bulbs into unique and usable products.

Wall Decoration from Cables

Often we see cables on our walls – TV cables, Telephone cables, Bulb cables – which annoys us a lot because it spoils the look of the wall. But don’t worry, there are ingenious people who are constantly looking to make use of these cables and turn them into a beautiful wall decor. Some of them are simple to carry out without spending much.

Source: Design Milk

Source: Design Milk

Source: Zeutch

Source: Zeutch

Source: Mommo Design

Source: Mommo Design



Eggshell Light

Eggshell Light

Eggshell Light

It’s our continuous endeavor to showcase to you all unique and handmade products which can be used for home decor. As part of this endeavor, we came across this awesome light made from eggshells designed by Eisuke Tachikawa. It was quite a surprise to know that eggshells can be used in such a form, given that eggshells are quite fragile in nature. For more pics and details, do visit Nosigner

Recycled Glass Bottles

Lot of people have access to glass bottles in their homes – whether storage bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles, milk bottles – and have recycled them in various ways over time. Here are 11 unique ways in which people have creatively recycled glass bottles to create amazing home décor.


Chandelier (Flickr)

Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden (Welke)

Yarn Wrapped Vases

Yarn Wrapped Vases (Jesi Haack Design Blog)


Lanterns (Isabella)


Shelves (Zero Waste)

Wall Vases

Wall Vases (Pinterest)

Photo Display

Photo Display (Pillow Thought)

Bottle Lights

Bottle Lights (Taste of Home)

Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights (Green Your Decor)